Care for nature is part of our business philosophy. Our products are packed in paper boxes, we print leaflets on paper from recycled waste.

Our main product coconut sugar has been declared the most organic sweetener in the world. Wondering why?

This product is prepared from Cocos Nucifera coconut palms, which are very beneficial for nature. They can grow in places with low water content and still produce high quality nectar. They are known to increase soil quality and cultivate them to improve soil quality. Compared to sugar cane or sugar beet, coconut palms produce 50-75% more sugar per hectare and only 1/3 of water and nutrients are needed.

In addition to producing coconut sugar, this "tree of life" is also known for its further use.

The coconut tree provides not only food, coconut milk and cooking oil. Coconut leaves are used for building roofs, making clothes and mats. Coconut shell is another cool material, being used for handycrafts and decorative items.

The coconut tree, also known as the "Tree of Life", significantly improves the lives of many farmers in the areas where it is grown.

For people who do not live in the tropics, the coconut tree is probably just a synonym for a holiday somewhere in the tropics. But for people living in the tropics, this tree means much more. Indonesians say the coconut tree "has as many uses as there are days within a year."

Please note: please do not confuse the coconut palm from which our coconut sugar is made with the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis or Attalea maripa) from which the palm oil is made. Oil palm is a plant that devastates the environment, because it bears fruit only for a period of about 3-5 years and leaves the soil virtually dead, without nutrients. The planting of oil palm disrupts the entire ecosystem, for example on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, but also in Malaysia and Thailand.

Our products come from a completely different palm tree, called Cocos Nucifera.