In addition to its amazing caramel taste, a huge difference is its low glycemic index of 35 (the index of cane sugar is 58, the index of brown and white sugar is 64). Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener suitable for weight control.

It gives you energy in your daily activities without sudden increases in blood sugar levels.

The advantage is also the high content of minerals compared to other sweeteners. Compared to brown sugar, coconut sugar has twice the iron content and four times the magnesium content, 10 times the zinc content.

It is a very tasty, healthy, durable and especially natural sweetener, which is also very rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is a purely natural, unrefined fabric prepared by hand and with love.

Thanks to its caramel-like taste, it can be used wherever you can imagine it. It has extensive usability. For example as a sweetener for coffee, tea, cocoa, cocktails, baking ingredients, cakes, ice cream, puddings, substitutes for other natural sugars and syrups, for various desserts, sauces and cakes.

Try its amazing caramel taste when cooking any food where sugar is used and you will do something not only for the remarkable taste, but also for your health.