• About our Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla from Papua New Guinea
    • Our Gourmet Vanilla from Indonesia (also called Bourbon Vanilla) is an indispensable ingredient for pastry, desserts, creams, cocktails, flavored cold and hot drinks, ice creams and chocolates.
    • Vanilla from Indonesia is a top-quality gourmet vanilla. These pods are among the best vanillas on the world market because of its excellent results - high vanillin content, ideal moisture (25-30%) and size.
    • Of all crops, vanilla is the most demanding of human labor in its processing, because the entire processing and cultivation is done by hand without the use of tools. Therefore, vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world, it is nicknamed the queen among spices.
    • Vanilla bean is a capsule of certain kind of orchid of the genus Vanilla. These are liana plants that must be regularly checked. They only bloom for a few hours, during which time they must be hand crushed, which then ripens for 6-9 months. The fruits are then processed shortly before ripening. Over the next 8 months, the fruits will mature as we know them.
    • Our vanilla comes from Indonesia. They are 100% locally grown, hand-made (hand-polished). We work with local farmers to promote long-term sustainable employment, price stability, and the best quality.
  • BIO Ceylon Cinnamon powder - 50g

     3.75 with DPH
    • CZK: 95Kč
    Our BIO Ceylon cinnamon powder is:
    • Product prepared from organic 100% natural Ceylon cinnamon, free of GMOs, gluten or any additives.
    • It supports healthy blood sugar levels, promotes heart health, helps treat weight, helps with joint pain and serves as an anti-inflammatory supplement.
    • It helps remove toxins from the blood, has antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.
    • A product of first-class gourmet quality with a sweet taste and a unique aroma.
  • Did you know that the first cloves in the world come from the tropical Indonesian island of Maluku? ... and since we adore the smell of cloves, we have prepared a NEW on the market for you. KRÁLOVSKÉ KLINČEKY Z MALUKU - a sensual, natural product of Slovak-Indonesian cooperation, which will win you over with a strong exotic scent of a special character and a penetrating floral-spicy taste.

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