Nectar from Coconut Flowers infused with Tahitian vanilla (Coconut Sugar) - 100g

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Taste our famous vanilla nectar from coconut flowers. This product is awarded (both 2019 and 2020) a gold star in the "culinary Oscar" in the prestigious Great Taste Awards competition.

Our 100% natural Vanilla Coconut Nectar (also called Coconut blossom sugar) combines genuine tahitian vanilla with the world's tastiest coconut sugar.

You can discover the charm of this combination very easily… by sprinkling on pancakes, cakes or tasting a coffee, fruit smoothie or cocoa. It is amazing in any food where sugar is used.

Our coconut nectar (coconut sugar) is:

  • 100% natural, hand-prepared product of Slovak-Indonesian cooperation in Java.
  • Low glycemic sweetener for great weight control.
  • It contains many beneficial minerals: magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C.
  • Acquired from a group of organic farmers we've been working with for years.
  • Direct Trade Product - Helps us give jobs to farmers and support their community.


Ingredients: coconut sugar & ground Tahitian vanilla (3.5%). Weight: 100 grams. Nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy value 386 kcal; Fat 0,9 g; Carbohydrates 93,3 g; Protein 1,24g. Distributor: Božské príchute, sro Lidická 700/19, Brno - Veveří 602 00, Czech Republic. Country of origin: Indonesia.

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