Specialty, handmade and innovative processed microlot coffee, which comes directly from farmers with whom we have established a long-term relationship and whom we consider to be our family. This is what real Direct Trade should look like ...from farmers, right to your home, without any middleman.

This delicious coffee with a full chocolate body, tones of vanilla, apples and raisins is prepared from Specialty Innovative Microlot Arabica and Fine grade Robusta. It is roasted by talented Slovak roaster Luk from Ilimite Roasters, so that you can make it at home on an espresso machine, on a mocha coffee machine or as a Turkish coffee. It is packed by young people with health and mental disabilities in a sheltered workshop on Trenčín on the road.

Ingredients:  Specifically, it is 80% Sumatra Carbonic maceration natural process (Innovative Specialty Grade Arabica Microlot) + 20% Lombok Fine Robusta natural process.

Growing altitude: Specialty Arabica 1650 m, Fine Robusta 850 m

Taste profile: Black (espresso): Full chocolate body, tones of vanilla, apples and raisins.
White (with milk): Refreshing taste, rounded body with a velvety finish.

More about the farmers who grow and prepare this coffee:

Exquisite Arabica was cultivated and processed by a 38-year-old farmer from Sumatra, Hendra, and his family. Fine Robust was grown and processed by a 40-year-old Lombok farmer, Thoriq, and his family. Both farms employ men and women. Fertilization takes place on a natural basis. The planting of coffee trees is carried out in such a way as to ensure the gradual return of endemic fauna and flora to the surrounding nature.

More about the innovative Carbonic Maceration Natural coffee processing:
Processing time: 72 hours carbonic CO2 fermentation & slow drying 30 days. Process illustration: This innovative way of processing coffee comes from viticulture and is a relatively new process. It works on the principle of carbonic fermentation of coffee cherries in a CO2 environment without access to oxygen. Thanks to targeted regulation of temperature, PH, time and pressure, the coffee processor has under constant control all beneficial enzymes that are able to survive and actively participate in fermentation and thus can positively "embellish" the final taste profile.

Distributor: Božské príchute, sro, Lidická 700/19, Brno - Veveří, 602 00, Czech Republic

Weight: 250 g

Roasting degree: Espresso

Storage: Store in a dry and cool environment out of direct sunlight. Always close the container again to prevent moisture from entering.