• About our Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla from Papua New Guinea
    • Our Gourmet Vanilla from Indonesia (also called Bourbon Vanilla) is an indispensable ingredient for pastry, desserts, creams, cocktails, flavored cold and hot drinks, ice creams and chocolates.
    • Vanilla from Indonesia is a top-quality gourmet vanilla. These pods are among the best vanillas on the world market because of its excellent results - high vanillin content, ideal moisture (25-30%) and size.
    • Of all crops, vanilla is the most demanding of human labor in its processing, because the entire processing and cultivation is done by hand without the use of tools. Therefore, vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world, it is nicknamed the queen among spices.
    • Vanilla bean is a capsule of certain kind of orchid of the genus Vanilla. These are liana plants that must be regularly checked. They only bloom for a few hours, during which time they must be hand crushed, which then ripens for 6-9 months. The fruits are then processed shortly before ripening. Over the next 8 months, the fruits will mature as we know them.
    • Our vanilla comes from Indonesia. They are 100% locally grown, hand-made (hand-polished). We work with local farmers to promote long-term sustainable employment, price stability, and the best quality.
  • Taste our famous vanilla nectar from coconut flowers. This product is awarded (both 2019 and 2020) a gold star in the "culinary Oscar" in the prestigious Great Taste Awards competition. Our 100% natural Vanilla nectar from coconut flowers combines original gourmet vanilla real with the most delicious coconut sugar in the world. You can discover the charm of this combination very easily… by sprinkling on pancakes, cakes or tasting a coffee, fruit smoothie or cocoa. It is amazing in any food where sugar is used. Our coconut nectar (coconut sugar) is:
    • 100% natural, hand-prepared product of Slovak-Indonesian cooperation in Java.
    • Low glycemic sweetener for great weight control.
    • It contains many beneficial minerals: magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C.
    • Acquired from a group of organic farmers we've been working with for years.
    • Direct Trade Product - Helps us give jobs to farmers and support their community.
  • It is a unique and very cordial gift item that contributes to the health of the environment and at the same time improves the social well-being of the people of Java. The numerical code on the basis of which you will find out information and the location of the planted coffee tree supported by you can be found on the back of this beautiful wooden gift item, which was made in Slovakia. We are committed to promoting forestry in the community as a way to help the environment and reduce rural poverty by planting trees. That is why we are proud Trees4Trees ™ = is a non-profit foundation focused on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education. This NGO (locally named Yayasan Bumi Hijau Lestari), was founded in Indonesia in 2008. All info can be found directly on their website. www.trees4trees.org It is unique and very program that contributes to preservation of biodiversity while improving social well-being, which is economically efficient, self - sufficient and implemented through direct action in the Indonesian communities in which this program operates. Planting trees creates support for the environment and the lives of people in local communities. The activities also include an environmental education program, thus creating added value for all stakeholders. Trees4Trees produces seedlings of valuable tree families, which are distributed free of charge to local farmers, along with technical planting guidelines, good forestry practices and education on the benefits of a healthy environment. The trees are continuously recorded and monitored. How does Trees4Trees help communities? “There are many ways to support the local communities participating in the Trees4Trees program. Our goal is to help the environment by being economically beneficial to the people participating in the program. " Here are some ways Trees4Trees offers communities:
    • Free seedlings of high-value trees, from which valuable assets will grow for local community
    • Training to optimize the value of the trees in order to help improving their local environment.
    • By planting the threes several environmental benefits ara created. Erosion reduction, keeping rivers cleaner and improving air quality.
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